Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul
At the Bosphorus


 Location Scouting, Architecture Photography, Lifestyle Photography, Photoshop 

The Mission

The Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Istanbul, Turkey. The hotel was looking to refresh its website and marketing materials with new, high-quality images that would capture the beauty and elegance of the property. They wanted to showcase the hotel's unique character and create a visual experience that would entice guests to visit and stay.


The Outcome

As a professional photographer with experience in hospitality and travel photography, I was brought on board to help create a series of new photos for the hotel. My approach was to use my unique perspective to capture the hotel's beauty in a way that would resonate with guests and convey the hotel's luxurious atmosphere.

Using my experience in architectural photography, I focused on capturing the hotel's stunning interiors, unique features, and picturesque outdoor spaces. I also made sure to capture the hotel's attention to detail and the level of service it offers. By using natural lighting and unique angles, I was able to create a collection of images that not only showcased the beauty of the property but also told a story of the hotel's luxurious atmosphere.

The Impact

The hotel's 360 marketing strategy has been greatly enhanced by the new images, as they showcase the hotel's unique character and beauty. The photos have been used in email marketing campaigns, social media, and other digital channels to reach potential guests and entice them to visit the hotel.





Wyatt was a gem to work with. He was tasked with capturing the essence of the property and destination and did just that, providing us a great library of images to draw from as we worked towards repositioning the hotel.

Susan Koehler

Susan Koehler

Director of Sales and Marketing
Courtyard by Marriott
Oahu North Shore


On time, professional, courteous, a great person in general, and his talent is beyond anything we could have hoped for. We had better pictures from that Iceland trip than we ever expected. Amazing job!!

Clint Bertucci

Clint Bertucci



Wyatt has delivered professional photography. His work has been both domestic and global. He is focused on client satisfaction and is committed to delivering exceptional work.

Susan Koehler

Susan Koehler

Chief Marketing Officer

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